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Free Download: Holiday Card Template

One of these days, I will get caught up with adding all of the downloads to the download pages.

Until then, don’t forget you can click on the category: downloads and most everything should pop up for you:)


Here is a free holiday card template for you to enjoy.


Front Download:

Back Download:



I have been thinking about offering templates for sell that compliment the GHC brand. Just simple, organic and natural templates.(with maybe a few fun & bold ones thrown in to encourage you to always be bold & confident)

In the past, I have sold photographer templates and they’ve been so well received. My favorite season is the holiday season, so I think it would just be holiday templates.

I’ll let you know more soon:)


Erin ReedAugust 24, 2012 - 6:59 pm

Thanks for the freebie! I appreciate other people’s creativity in that way because I just don’t have it! :)


Photography Tips: Special Needs Children

I am so honored to bring y’all Christine Jones and Bonnie Hussey today for a special post. I asked both of them for tips on shooting a session with a special needs child, and they both gave such eloquent advice.

Thank you so much Christine & Bonnie for graciously sharing your knowledge with us ♥




Christine Jones of Christine Jones Photography


This is a situation where the photographer must be extremely patient and potentially alter their expectations of what they consider a perfect shoot.  Special needs children often have trouble following directions, making eye contact, smiling on cue and communicating with others.  It is essential to have a pre-session consultation with the mother or father of a special needs child.  The parent will be able to offer invaluable insight into their child’s situation.  Not all special needs children are the same.

In addition to the above concerns,  here are a few other possible obstacles that a photographer may face while doing a special needs session.

1.  Sensory issues.  Some children do not like to get dirty and may not be willing to sit on the grass.  Or, they may not like loud noises so you would want to avoid an area where a train may pass by.  They may also be afraid of stuffed animals so you may not be able to use such an object to get their attention.
2.  They usually have a shorter attention span so plan on the shoot being shorter than usual.
3.The parent may believe that it is a good idea for you to meet the child prior to the shoot because some special needs children do not feel comfortable around strangers.
4.  Some special needs children may be on a special diet so it is essential that you ask parents before offering a treat of any kind.

Parents of special needs children  know the challenges that their children face.  They are usually hesitant to schedule photo sessions because they feel it may be a struggle for everyone involved.  As the photographer, you need to reassure the parents that you will be very patient with their child.  After discussing the particular child’s needs, you may need to manage the parent’s expectations as well.  Ask them what they are expecting from the session.  Do they expect you to be able to get a photo of their child smiling and looking at the camera?  Is this a realistic expectation? Find out if they know ways to engage their child that would be helpful during the shoot.  

If  you successfully meet the expectations of a special needs family, you will have a customer for life.  These parents face challenges every day that are many times made worse by society’s harsh judgments.  They will be extremely grateful for your patience and consideration of their special loved one.




Bonnie Hussey of Bonnie Hussey Photography


Shooting children is a challenge sometimes and this particular area of photography is not everyone’s favorite. Children have their moments, off days, or just do not like the camera. Special needs children are an even bigger challenge sometimes.

My son, who is now five, was diagnosed as globally delayed when he was right around two years old. The last few years have been very trying at times… especially when I would bring the camera out and attempt to get some pictures. He has taught me many things over the last couple years that have applied to photography, amongst other areas of our family life.


Some things he has taught me, and that I really have to remember from time to time are:


  •  Let him lead the way. He’s telling me a story so I need to listen and capture what he is telling or showing me. He’ll give me those smiles I want… in his time and when he finds something in his story that is funny. They’ll be genuine smiles, giggles, and laughter I’m capturing.
  • Every experience with him will not be the same, and that’s ok. Sometimes I just need to take the hint that he’s having an off day and does not want a camera in his face. Other days he will be ok with having his picture taken.
  • Let him see some pictures of himself. If you’re feeling brave, you might let him take a picture with your camera.
  • Don’t force anything. If he is not interested in a particular toy or area, ask where he would like to go. If the place he wants to go isn’t within the area you are shooting, that is the perfect time to start a conversation about the place he wants to go.
  • Don’t be afraid to capture him with his comfort item(s). The comfort item(s) are apart of his daily life and chances are not having it will be a big deal for him.
  • Let him get comfortable with you. So many times we forget even the slightest change for a child with special needs really affects them. Even if you are walking around or just talking for part of your session, take your time with them, because they are in no rush.


Carey Anne PhotographyAugust 27, 2012 - 9:41 am

Such an important topic! I have twin boys with intense special needs, so my practice is a bit more than most photographers. I apply the techniques mentioned above with great success. The single belief I take into any session with a special child is simply that: they are special. They will use their specialness to share their world with you – enjoy every second, because you will walk away feeling blessed.

JenniferAugust 24, 2012 - 7:51 am

Wonderful advice ladies. Bonnie, the pictures of your son are fantastic!

Felicia McTernan PhotographyAugust 23, 2012 - 12:00 pm

Awesome article girls with some great tips!

Jennifer WarthanAugust 22, 2012 - 10:44 pm

This was such a great post! Wonderful job, you two!

christineAugust 22, 2012 - 10:09 pm

this is wonderful. my son has SPD and our photographer is so patient and understanding of needing to let him ‘do his thing’. thank you for this post <3


Pretty Office Supplies

Posted by Sarah Cambio of Sarah Cambio Photography


Hi all!

I hope my blog post won’t bore you:)I really wanted to share a session with you and also a pull back but I had to reschedule since we had company over the weekend. Instead I am going to share some of my favorite ‘office’ things with you. Although I have a studio everything else such as packaging, editing, e-mailing is done at my home. My space is pretty limited and I do plan on sharing my workspace with you but there are still a few things I need to work on.


Today we went shopping for a few easels that I need but of course that never goes as planned. The store we went to had a half off sale on all their merchandise;)I found this neat little jar wrapped in burlap with a bee stamp, how adorable! I don’t have anywhere to keep my pens on my desk so this is perfect.


The GHC planner. Oh how I adore that thing! It really is perfect, not just for business but also personal use.


A cute clip board from Target. Target gets me EVERY time. You just can’t go in to Target and only leave with what you came for. It just doesn’t work that way:)I am going to use for my ordering sheets.


The orange box I also found at Target for 50% off. I thought it is super cute and perfect to keep my EHD, Card Reader, Mailing Stamps (don’t ask why they are in with electronics), and my Square card reader.


My iPhone, pen, and Square card reader are the perfect set:)I use my iPhone way too much and today I finally bought the Square card reader which came with a $10 rebate which made it free! I’m excited to start using it instead of manually typing in the cc numbers. I should have gotten this a while ago!



Are you addicted to cute office stuff or do you prefer to keep it simple?

Jessica LeighAugust 21, 2012 - 8:53 pm

Cute office stuff is my FAVORITE! In fact, friends text me photos of stuff when they find cute office supplies I might like :)

Love the bee pen holder – good find!


Fan Love: Bee Bonnets

When I started developing the kind of site I wanted Girl Hearts Camera to be in late 2011, I envisioned a site that encouraged photographers in a positive and nurturing environment. I wanted to empower photographers and be a source of inspiration for them. I expected to give so much of myself…but what I never expected were the connections that I have made with so many women, that now, thanks to Girl Hearts Camera, I am so fortunate to call friends.


I have been in constant awe of the support, sincerity and friendships; more so over the last few weeks when I have needed it the most. The community at Girl Hearts Camera is nothing short of amazing and I am so incredibly proud to be a part of it. Humbled, really. It’s an intimate group of women that have formed, what I hope, are lifelong bonds. And these bonds will only be strengthened by things such as the Inspiration on the Farm: a girls weekend of fellowship, inspiration and learning from another.


Yesterday I received a surprise package from a fan (who has turned friend over the last few weeks). When I opened it, y’all I literally had tears in my eyes. Lesley made, as in sewed HERSELF, these amazing bonnets. She said she found this bee fabric and she knew that she had to make something to send to me. She said that because of Girl Hearts Camera, she will officially be getting her business license and going into business. If I could find the words to describe how reading that statement made me feel, I would. It gave me goosebumps, and I don’t think she knows it, but reading that infused my soul with so much more determination for continuing to (try to) inspire other photographers. Lesley, I adore the bonnets. They are simply gorgeous and unbelievably heartfelt. And they will serve as the symbol of everything Girl Hearts Camera embodies. Thank you, a million times over ♥




BonnieAugust 18, 2012 - 12:57 pm

Oh my goodness!! That is beautiful!

Jennifer WarthanAugust 17, 2012 - 8:11 pm

Oh my goodness. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Amazing…



By now, you have noticed the sweet little honey bee that graces Girl Hearts Camera. In fact, y’all were enlisted to help name this bee awhile ago.


Meet Ruby


Ruby is such an integral part of the Girl Hearts Camera brand. As the planners have been received, I have been answering more & more emails asking ‘Why Ruby? Why a bee?’.


When explaining why a bee, it’s important to start by saying my vision for Girl Hearts Camera has always been for you to ‘Be’. Be Inspired. Be Creative. Be a Photographer. My most favorite word is happiness, and I am always telling everyone I know ‘Be Happy’. There is nothing better than just being YOU.


In March, I worked with a wonderful woman to help develop the GHC brand. Even though I have started & ran successful businesses before, sometimes you have a hard time really stepping outside of your box and defining your brand. I knew what I wanted for GHC but I needed the input from someone on the outside.

This is where the honeycomb pattern that you see on the site came into play. It’s a subtle reference to the words ‘Be’. And, it was perfection…almost. But something was missing.

Late last year, when I started planning the kind of site I imagined Girl Hearts Camera becoming, I envisioned a community of inspiring photographers that encouraged each other in a positive and nurturing environment.

So, when browsing the internet one day in April at a meeting and coming across this meaning behind a ‘bee’ (if even though it wasn’t of the insect variety…), it became clear this was exactly the symbol needed to represent the Girl Hearts Camera brand.

Classified under:

Nouns denoting groupings of people or objects

Hypernyms (“bee” is a kind of…):

social affair; social gathering (a gathering for the purpose of promoting fellowship)


A few days later,  I approached Tiffany from On The Spot Studio to create a bee that would later become known as the symbol of Girl Hearts Camera.

The bee holds such a special and intimate place in my heart for what it represents. And when it came time to name the bee, it was only fitting to enlist the help of the community that surrounded & supported GHC.

A lot of time was spent pouring over the choices…and finally, after looking at meanings & special connections to the name, Ruby became a favorite front runner.


The ruby is a symbol of friendship and love, and it also gives the courage to be best potential that a person has.

(reference: Ruby)


Could that be a more perfect name for the perfect symbol of Girl Hearts Camera?


It’s almost like it was meant to ‘Be’. (I couldn’t resist!)


Naturally, when choosing the packaging for the planner, it was important to include Ruby. In the packaging, Ruby represents all of the potential you have in you to be the best photographer you can be.

Choosing to put Ruby on the wax was no accident. Did you know beeswax was derived from the Irish Gaelic béasmhaireacht, meaning “morality, manners, habits.”

Again, it could not be more fitting or perfect to include Ruby on wax (beeswax). It’s all about meaning and symbols. It all comes full circle.

That is the story of Ruby.

(I am also asked a lot where I got the wax seal. It came from this lovely online shop located in Florida, Nostalgic Impressions)

Jennifer WarthanAugust 14, 2012 - 6:08 am

Ruby is PERFECT!