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Be Featured: McKenzie Sacry of McKenzie Sacry Photography

Mckenzie Sacry Photography | Facebook

i lost my sweet biker mama bear just seven months ago. these kids were her whole world. they were the reason that she got out of bed each morning – the reason she fought SO hard to live. she loved them with her whole heart and she was NOT ready to leave them. even for a perfect heavenly home. a couple weeks ago i went to visit my mama and daddy’s grave. they lie side by side again. my dad passed away in 2008 and my mom in november, on my birthday, last year. yikes – last year. ouch. that seems so crazy to say. it feels like yesterday. emotions and grief and mourning are all still right here in my face – everyday. i never thought about it before – but when your parents are laid to rest there is a very small patch in between their graves. just a mere 12 inches. i laid on that patch, face up, staring at the sky, one hand resting on my dad’s grave and one hand resting on my mama bear’s still dirt rock pile. it hit me like a ton of bricks in that moment – this was the new “us.” we’d spent so many years, just the three of us, and this was the new normal. this is the new way, the only way, that we spend time together just the three of us. them down there and me alone, resting my hand on their graves. it hurts. i miss them so much. it’s so strange to be a mere 29 and an orphan. my kids are babies – and keeping my parents alive is a big job. they were so present in my everyday life – even as an adult – and now they are just gone. and my heart aches for them. and for my kids. mostly for my kids. i HATE that they won’t know how amazing they were. i HATE that my mama and daddy-o will miss their milestones, graduations, weddings – ugh. even just typing it brings that horrible cry lump to my throat and i’m trying to shove away the hot tears streaming down my face as i type this. it was also in that moment, lying on that strip of grass that this shoot came to life. i knew i wanted to honor my mom and dad in a way that was just beyond words. and i really feel like i’ve done it with this shoot. these bikes once belonged to my parents. my dad bought the orange bike (a 1200 sportster) and packed my mom all over the state of montana. until she realized she belonged on her own bike and was sick and tired of riding behind. so – my dad bought the silver bike (a wide glide) and my mom starting riding the orange one. they logged over 18,000 miles in two years. then, when my dad passed away, my mom gave the orange one to my husband and he’s been riding it since 2008. my mom rode my dad’s bike. and now that she’s gone – i ride it. and i love it. that feeling of getting your hair into the wind on a hot day – it’s incredible. the sound that only a Harley can produce, that warm sun shining on your face, the sound of the wind whipping around you… i’ve never felt closer to my ‘rents. and so – in tribute to my daddy-o and mama bear – i give you – my biker babies.

Photo credits: McKenzie Sacry

mckenzie sacryAugust 28, 2013 - 3:32 pm

thank you so much for sharing our story. i’m so happy and excited to have been chosen to be featured. thank you! <3


Be Featured: Carmen Strong of Carmen Garza Strong Photography

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I recently had the opportunity to photograph my first military homecoming. This session was special in many ways. I was working for my dear friend and fellow photographer Victoria Simmons ( Victoria Simmons Photography). The most special part was that Victoria’s husband had no idea that his little girl , Adalin, could walk yet. The joy and excitement I felt knowing that I was going to get to experience a family reuniting was amazing. Driving into Fort Stewart it was raining and I was terrified that my client wouldn’t get the beautiful sunny shots that she wanted. Once I arrived at Fort Stewart it was like I had entered a weather bubble. There was no more rain and it was sunny with clouds! I met Victoria and saw the excitement on her face! It was here! She was going to be able to hug her husband, to touch his face and hold him close. We anxiously waited for them to tell us that the buses were close. Then we heard it, the buses were 1 mile away! We ran to the median to watch the buses come in. She cheered and screamed and wondered if her husband could see her! Once they had passed we rushed to the field. The moment was here. The soldiers marched across the field and stood in formation for what I’m sure felt like an eternity. Then Victoria heard the words she had been waiting for ” Go congratulate these damn fine soldiers!” She cheered and screamed and held her sign high while we waited for her husband to come into clear view from the crowd of happy reunions. He ran over and picked up his baby girl, hugged his wife and held her. There family was whole again. I fought to hold back my own tears. I was so happy for them. Then Victoria put Adalin down and she walked to her daddy for the first time. The joy on her fathers face was a sight to see. I could not wait to get home to share these images with this family. The day was a challenge; the homecoming ceremony was at 3pm and the sun was very harsh. I learned that you never know what will happen at a homecoming and you have to be prepared for anything.

Equipment used: Nikon D60 with 50 mm f/1.8

Photo credits: Carmen Strong

DaveAugust 29, 2013 - 1:02 pm

Awesome photos and very emotional story


Your Photography Business on Paper



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LornaAugust 24, 2013 - 1:41 pm

Congrats Monica!

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Done! Fingers crossed…

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Liked and shared. Going into business next month – this would be amazing to help me organize and plan:).

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Winner winner chicken dinner!

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Liked and Shared! I just recently found out about your planners and I would love love love to have one! Of course, who wouldn’t? Since they’re already all sold out, it’s awesome that you’re giving this one away!

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Second day of sharing the picture

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I liked and shared the photo on Facebook! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

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Love your planners! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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Thanks so much for this last chance:)

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You are awesome. Always.

Charis-AnneAugust 19, 2013 - 10:27 am

Thank you for the opportunity! I shared and will everyday! <3

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I shared on my photography facebook page (! I would absolutely love to win a planner, they look so cool and helpful!

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Be Featured: Lindsey Riley of Elle Riley Photography

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This session was very special to me and my favorite to date. The most inspirational by far. The day of the shoot was Crystal’s 30th birthday . Her and her husband wanted to celebrate her life and not the fact they shaved their heads and that she is fighting stage 2 breast cancer.They are beautiful souls and I know she is a fighter and will beat this. She is the most positive person I have ever met and a true inspiration to everyone . I have learned to love life and to not assume amazing photographs cannot come from something negative. She even wrote me a note thanking me for making her cancer beautiful I am still in tears from that!

Equipment used: I used a Nikon d800 50mm1.4 , 105mm, 24 to 70 mm 2.8

Photo credits: Lindsey Riley